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This week we talked about microservices architecture and docker.

I though this content might help understand what is at stake on this subject:

Do you have any other content you want to share on the subject ?

Bonjour a tous, Quel est la particularité et les avantages de l'outil Mastodon par rapport a l'outil Chat ??

Will cryptocurrencies be one field where getting knowledge will be important ?
Listen to this and share your thoughts:

For docker enthusiasts!
Docker - Tutorial 1 - Introduction (Download and Install)

Félicitations🎉 @asokri et @bngameni🎊 pour la mise en production de cette plateforme dédiée à l'éducation et la reconversion professionnelle 👍🏾👍🏾💥💥🎉🎉


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