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We are training and recruiting people in digital assets processing.

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Salut a tous j'ai recemment trouvé un lien intéreessent pour creer des users stories.

Elle permet de bien comprendre une user story et prevoir les tests pour l'occasion.

Yesterday we worked on PostgreSQL .
Did you know postgreSQL is one of the best database engine available on the market ?
Here is a tutorial to help you dig into the subject:

This week we talked about microservices architecture and docker.

I though this content might help understand what is at stake on this subject:

Do you have any other content you want to share on the subject ?

Bonjour a tous, Quel est la particularité et les avantages de l'outil Mastodon par rapport a l'outil Chat ??

Will cryptocurrencies be one field where getting knowledge will be important ?
Listen to this and share your thoughts:

For docker enthusiasts!
Docker - Tutorial 1 - Introduction (Download and Install)

Félicitations🎉 @asokri et @bngameni🎊 pour la mise en production de cette plateforme dédiée à l'éducation et la reconversion professionnelle 👍🏾👍🏾💥💥🎉🎉


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